Mallika Sherawat Maintains Her Fitness By Eating Vegan Meals

“Veganism is a healthy lifestyle choice, not a fad,” according to Mallika Sherawat.

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Mallika Sherawat embraced veganism years before it spread like wildfire over the globe. She has reportedly been a vegan for 15 years, according to Mallika. With her images of herself doing various yoga postures, Mallika has already been inspiring us to get in shape. Now she wants to lead the vegan movement in India. Being vegan entails abstaining from all animal products, including milk and its derivatives. It goes beyond vegetarianism because common dairy products including yogurt, ghee, butter, and cheese are all eliminated from the diet.

In the USA, Mallika saw a wide variety of vegan eateries and food options. She has now made the decision to advocate veganism in light of the growing rates of obesity in India. She has made the decision to alter this for a nation that is milk-obsessed by collaborating with a friend’s restaurant franchise. Her favorite high-end vegan restaurant, which she extols, is the source of her passion for vegan food.

She said, “Yes, I have many plans to spread veganism in India. I’m collaborating with a friend’s eatery to promote vegan options to the Indian market. International chefs will be brought in to create some delectable delicacies. People will adopt a dairy-free diet once they see how nourishing and tasty vegan cuisine can be. This will undoubtedly add to her growing list of accomplishments and advance the vegan cause in India given her continuous commitment to health.”

Source: recipes times of india

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